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Whether you need a privacy fence, a fence to keep your animals safe and close to home, or just want to add curb appeal to your property. From the Ground Up Fencing is ready to help you achieve your fencing vision.

My Story

I began installing fences in 2014

I began installing fence as a laborer in 2014. I was instantly drawn to the process. It’s very fulfilling to see the finished product after a hard day's work, to know that you did right by the customer and didn’t cut corners, to know you provide the highest quality product possible.

I moved around to a few different companies throughout my career and worked my way up to leading a crew. I worked full-time at a local fence company, chased and built my own work on evenings and weekends, saved my money, slowly bought tools, a truck, and trailer and finally opened my own business officially in 2020. You could say I'm definitely still in love with the hustle. I'm very fortunate to truly enjoy what I do. To see a happy customer at the end of the project is just the icing on the cake.